Kid’s MMA on Verge of Reality Spotlight


Christie Hawkersmith, co-owner of Bunny's Gym, with Marsha Bystritskii and Josie Davis

Christie Hawkersmith, MMA instructor (center), and her students Marsha Bystritskii, (left), and Josie Davis display their event participation medals. Marsha captured victory in the girls 10-year-old division.

A recent Winchester children’s martial arts event could be hitting television sets nationally as a reality show series.

Bunny Hawkersmith, owner of Bunny’s Mixed Martial Arts in Winchester, held a children’s MMA event that brought competitors from as far away as Las Vegas, Nev., and it turned out to be quite entertaining.

Those who watch the show will probably be imagining a 180-degree twist from the reality show Toddlers and Tiaras, which features little girls in beauty contest battles.

Tail Light Productions, which films Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White and many more other hit shows, came to Winchester to film for a reality show that will spotlight Hawkersmith’s children’s MMA.

The reality show will be presented to the A&E (Arts and Entertainment) network in May, Hawkersmith said. After that, production will begin this fall for the series, he added.

A&E is the network responsible for the mega hit television series Duck Dynasty.

Hawkersmith has created the first children’s MMA program with competition for children inside an octagon cage where they attempt to battle their opponents to submission.

The children’s MMA competitions are structured very similarly to adult MMA com-petitions.

However, due to the physically demanding nature of the sport, children competing in Hawkersmith’s MMA competitions follow a different set of rules.

Because his MMA is dedicated to the safety of the children competing in these MMA events, extra rules and safety precautions are always taken, Hawkersmith said.

These extra rules and precautions help protect the children competing from unnecessary risk and injury, he said.

Hawkersmith has received worldwide attention from various media agencies and news networks since starting his children’s MMA program.

The youths have already been featured on Inside Edition.

Hawkersmith also gained recognition when his children’s MMA program was featured in a documentary produced by Sky 1 Broadcasting, the biggest sports network in Europe.

Sky 1 sold the documentary to countries all over the world, and since its success Hawkersmith has had his children’s MMA events filmed for TV by the biggest networks in Germany and France.



NOTE: The paragraph above is copied directly from the Herald Chronicle of April 11, 2014.